Brother QL-500 Prints Blank Label After Label

Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by guyfromfl, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. guyfromfl


    Jun 3, 2010
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    I have just switched to a new computer at work, and since, I have had nothing but problems with printers.

    The first printer seems to be fixed.

    My label printer is a Brother QL-500. I print shipping labels from Firefox, and it keeps selecting 11/7 x 3 1/2 by default. I have changed the printer defaults in Windows (XP), and in about:config in Firefox. No matter what, the print API always selects the wrong label.

    After manually selecting the correct label (2 3/7 x 4) and printing, it will eject a blank label after the label.

    Does anybody have any idea? I have wasted too much of the company's money trying to fix the problem, just for it to revert to these weird settings.

    guyfromfl, Jun 3, 2010
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