Canon ImageRunner and LDAP

Aug 4, 2012
Hello, I've been through all of our manuals but I'm not sure they properly answer my questions so I'm hoping someone here has experience with this.

I'm curious about how Canon ImageRunner printers use LDAP sign-on for printing and how it keeps track of those values.

The college I work for is starting to cut back on how much our students are allowed to print. Right now it's setup for unlimited printing.

As far as I can tell my only real options are to use Department management or LDAP authentication off of our Active Directory Server.

So my question is, can these printers limit the number of prints per user using LDAP like they can with Department Management?

Also, will the counter show user print counts like it does with Department Management?

Those are our big things, limiting each student individually, and if that can't be done at least get a print count on them.

If it helps we have an IR 5020, IRC 3200, IRC 5870, and an IRC 3245.

Thank you for your time

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