Canon iP100 Persistent Horizontal White Lines

Aug 14, 2020
Hi everyone, new member here.

I just started getting white lines in colour prints from my Canon iP100.

I've attached a scan of the print where it started up below, as well as nozzle check test print.

The printer has been having minor issues for the past few years, with subtle banding and smudging, but this is the first time I've had an issue this severe. I ran a nozzle check which showed the white lines, followed by two rounds of cleaning and nozzle checks, then a deep clean, during which the printer told me my colour cartridge had run out. I replaced it with a brand new colour cartridge, performed a nozzle check that showed the same result, followed by a clean and another identical nozzle check. I then got desperate and attempted a minor clean using rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs, performed a clean and a nozzle check, but it showed the exact same result.

I bought up the printer used, six years ago, for $100 or less, and the printer itself is probably about 10 years old, and retailed for $200 at the time.

Is there anything I can do at this time, or as a budget printer, is it just time for a replacement?

Thanks for any help!

2020-08-14 - Canon iP100 - Print Problem.jpg
2020-08-14 - Canon iP100 - Nozzle Check.jpg

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