Canon MP620 large Black not printing!

Oct 26, 2008
Black has suddenly stopped working.

All the cartridges light up when installed
in the printhead. When I do a Nozzle check,
the grid pattern for the large black cartridge (PGI-520)
does NOT show up at all.
All the other colours inc the small black are functioning OK.
Deep cleaning the large black cartridge doesn't help.

When using text to print I have to print in
dark blue as black will not print.

I am now getting a message when the yellow
light comes "The Ink Absorber is Almost Full"
Press OK to continue.......which I do and it
re-sets itself to print as normal.

I am not getting any error code that the
absorption tank is full.

I suspect the printhead has now come to the
end of it's life.

It's been the best ink printer I have every had.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?



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