Canon MP620

Jul 16, 2013
My MP620 is behaving badly w.r.t. paper feed.

The paper leading edge almost immediately pulled sideways and then printing is severely skewed and the leading edge damaged.

I have checked both tray and cassette feeds and can see no obvious obstructions, though it is possible a small one is out of sight.

I have tried the roller cleaning procedure, but the paper immediately misfeeds and then jams completely. The error message is paper jammed in output tray.

Similarly with bottom plate cleaning.

I have found no similar problems on the Internet.

Any suggestions? The printer is too old to justify expensive servicing!
Jun 27, 2013
My observation is that build-quality of the CLI-221 based printers isn't as good as the older CLI-8 based printers. That especially applies to the rear paper feed. I have a similar MP990, and it's paper feed isn't as good as older CLI-8 based printers like the iP4500 or MX850.

But that doesn't help you in your situation. Sorry.

* Is the problem with thin copy paper or inkjet paper, or both?
* Does the problem happen with both the rear paper tray and cassette?
* Can you try different paper sizes? Like 4x6" as well as letter size?

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