Canon MP620 printer

Aug 7, 2011
I need to replace my printhead. How do I remove the printhead? I have moved the lever in the upward position, but it won't come out.
Jul 13, 2011
* 1 Open the front cover on the Cannon MP620 printer. If the printer is on, the cartridge holder should move to the center of the printer. If the printer is off, you can slowly pull the cartridge holder to the center, or turn the printer on and let the device pull the holder to the center.

* 2 Remove all of the ink cartridges from the cartridge holder. Place the cartridges upright on a piece of paper towel. This is a good time to clean the ink cartridges with a piece of paper towel. Wipe any ink from the bottom of the cartridges and check the condition of the cartridges---if any are leaking ink, replace with new cartridges.

* 3 Lift the gray-colored arm located to the right of where the cyan cartridge was. Then pull the print head out gently. Don't pull the print head out forcibly or it may break.

* 4 Place the print head on a piece of paper towel and do the needed repair or cleaning.

* 5 Place the print head back in the cartridge holder after you are done cleaning/repairing. Push the gray-colored arm down and then re-install the ink cartridges.

* 6 Turn the printer "On" if it is off and run a "test page" to test the device.

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