canon pixma 4300 printer inktank problem

Aug 21, 2011
I had sent this earlier today but it isn't appearing in this forum. It's possible that the server has a delay, but in case it didn't go through, I am resending it.

I had sent the below to Uni-kit customer service and so far, they haven't given me any good answers and it's been over a week.

Also, yes, I know I should use original Canon cartridges but the whole point of buying this printer was not having the cartridges cost more than the printer in short order. I don't need great quality, simply functional printing so I could care less about dyes vs ink. I bought this printer before the cost of color laser printers went down. Now, If I continue having a problem refilling the inktanks, I will buy a color laser printer and use this printer as a doorstop.

Here's what I had sent to Uni-kit:


What is happening is that the Canon IP4300 manual states that when you have 15 blinking orange lights on the printer itself, that's an indication of an inktank error. What happens is that when I replace the cartridges, only the two I filled cause the inktank lights to blink at one second intervals. That is an indication that the inktank is empty. It's not, I just filled it. I also used the chipsetter to reset those cartridges to filled and noticed a spark upon doing so. I am wondering if the chips on the cartridges aren't getting the signal from the chipsetter "to reset" if these chipsetters work on batteries and there isn't enough charge left to "reset" the chip.

I was able to refill cartridges previously with your kit and followed the same procedure. These are still the original Canon cartridges so I don't understand why the computer isn't acknowledging them.

The last thing is that, as I mentioned, the refilled inktanks (the small black and yellow) blinked at one second intervals after reinserting them (meaning they are empty but they're not--they were refilled) but once the printer head reset and came back out of the housing, the lights on these refilled inktanks were off.

It appears that the printer is no longer recognizing these inktanks or that it is seeing them as empty.

Is there a way of disabling the ink recognition queue on this printer so I can print. It won't print now because it sees an inktank problem that doesn't exist--the tanks are full , being refilled, and they are Canon inktanks. And if I can disable the ink recognition mode so I can print, is there a way or resetting the defaults later on?

Any suggestions (other than buying original Canon cartridges) would be appreciated.

Aug 6, 2011
I had this problem with a canon and was never able to resolve it, if you figure it out come back and tell us.
Jun 27, 2013
* My impression is that the resetter isn't working ... or your technique isn't quite right (operator error?)
* When I first started refilling, it wasn't obvious ... to me ... just how to insert the cartridge in the resetter, and accomplish the reset. But that was perhaps 1000 refills ago.
* I have had the small battery on a CLI-8 resetter wear out after 100's and 100's of resets, and it did seem to gradually fail, and perhaps only partially reset a batch of cart chips that I was refilling ... very frustrating.
* Resetters vary, but the ones I've used have a flash after a second or so in the correct position, then turn off, then a steady glow when they are actually reset.
* Is that what you observe?

* BTW, the iP4300 is really a very good inkjet printer, imo, especially if you master the substantial learning curve of refilling.
* To me, the iP4500 (also with 13 ml CLI-8 carts) is better because its print-head has more nozzles, and is thus faster
* But the iP4300 would potentially have fewer ink flow / starvation issues than the iP4500 (MX850 and MP610 have same print-head with 4,608 nozzles)

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