Cant install follow_me printer. Get error.

Jul 11, 2017

I have an issue with installation of a Network printer.
When i find it in printer search and choose "Connect" this error pops up:

"Operation could not be completed 0x00000709"

If i restart the printspooler, then i can install the printer ok!

I need to find the error causing this, because we need to manually run this "fix" and with 2500 users, it takes to much time.
So my question. Why is a restart of the spooler the reason for installation to Work?

I been through all possible solutions i can find on Google, premissions in Regedit, manually installation, delete spool/drivers etc etc

But havent been able to install the printer the normal way, without restarting the local print spooler. :/

Anyone have a clue?`

Best regards

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