CIS system installed = Paper Jam errors

Nov 17, 2019
I have two epson printers. A WF 3720 that I would love to install a cis system into but that’s not out yet.... and an XP-310. The 310 I just “modified” to a cis system. Now, I can’t clear the paper jam error codes. I can’t even get a test page printed. Also, the printer makes a short lived, weird squeal just before error codes come up.


1.) I have already cleared any paper. 2.) it is doing this even without paper inserted into the paper tray. 3.) I have already tried the resetting of pulling power cable and plugging that directly to the wall instead of an outlet strip.
Nov 5, 2019
the cis for the 3720 is out. you can get that here.

for the xp310 is here

as far as the paper jam. there is a small piece of paper jammed somewhere in it. if its making a squeal sound
that's telling me some where inside theres a piece of paper jammed somewhere in the rollers. you can download a program called wic. and run that and run the test from it and see what errors it gives you. good luck.

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