Duplex Printing Proplem with MFC L3710CW

Jan 8, 2020
So I have this manual I wanted to print using duplex. After I went through and making sure my settings were correct I clicked print.

Next screen says it will print on one side of the pages (the odd pages) and then I would need to reload the pages into the printer Manually to print the even pages on the opposite side. So I clicked ok after reading the instructions. I got a message that said printer out of paper out of paper. When I got to the printer it had printed out all the odd and then all the even without giving me a chance to place the odd pages in the hopper to let it print the even pages. and had started to print out the odd ones again. I only clicked print once.

The problem was It did not stop at the end of the first set of printing to let me reload it into the printer to print the other side of the pages.

So I tried it again and the same thing happened.

Can you tell me how we are to do duplex with this printer?

I would hate to have to feed these in one page at a time in the manual page slot. that would take for ever with this 62 page Manual.

Ok so I had to switch to the ink jet MFC-J625DW to get the job done, but half way through it claimed to have a paper Jam. But there was none and it wouldn't clear so I had to unplug the printer. So I started where I left off and asked it to print from 46-60. It started at 44 and started printing backwards to 1.

So the problem has to be the software that came with my new MFC L3710CW that I installed on the computer. it had replaced my older suite program with this new one.

In 30 years of Using Brother Printers this is the first time I ever had any problem with my brother printers.

Anyone know whats going on?

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