epson 4800

Feb 27, 2022
I have a dark blue line running through everything I print. It even prints where nothing should be printing. I have cleaned heads manually several times to no avail... Please help if you think you can .Thanks


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Jul 11, 2020
"Dirty" heads aren't the issue here to be sure. It looks like either secondary transfer (ink getting onto the head mechanism and being smeared) or something very wrong with one of the heads where some of the nozzles are locked on. Unfortunately it seems to be too regular for secondary transfer. Does this printer have any sort of CISS on it? I sometimes see something like this when ink is overpressured. It also looks something like what you might see if ink gets on paper rollers, but the lines are the wrong direction for that.

Is that a test pattern the printer generated itself? Can you show a normal printed page? And perhaps a photo with a little higher res?

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