Epson EcoTank printers, Pigment or Dye Inks?

Apr 5, 2017
Hi all

Just picked up one of the Cheap Epson Ecotank printers ET-2650 for general none Photo printing and was wondering (Given that I use a CIS on my Photo printer) and have loads of bottles of dye ink, what ink types these printers use.

Do they take Pigment or Dye inks.

Thanks for any help with this

Feb 23, 2021
I'm sure a bit too late of a reply but they are dye except if your unit has a photo black tank and that one may be pigment
on the ET 7750 they tell my my photo black is pigment
Mar 15, 2021
Hi. I have purchased an Epson XP-970 and want to install CISS. What inks should I fill? I'm not sure about the black pigment or dye? There is only one black in this system. Colored paints I think the T6732-T6736 should be fine, right? Epson XP-970 use Claria inks and I found info that Claria inks is a set with Black pigment and Photo black cartridges but XP-970 has only one black and now I'm confused :(
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