Epson EcoTankET-8550 color accuracy

Feb 11, 2023
Hey there!

My sweet husband purchased me an Epson ET-8550 for Christmas not realizing it’s not really a pro-grade printer. Because I’m not about to hurt his feelings, I’m planning to use it, but I want to know what people use for color match settings. I have a calibrated iMac monitor and I’m used to printing with ICC profiles specific to the printer and paper through Photoshop where Photoshop manages the colors. I’ve not seen a way to even get the printer profiles into Lightroom to print from there either.

I’m likely overthinking this, but if I’m going to bother printing my photos, I want the best chance at color accuracy without wasting a ton of paper.

Any and all help doing this with an eco-tank Epson printer is greatly appreciated!


FWIW, I’m a semi-pro photographer specializing in weddings and portraiture along with fine art when I’m feeling creative.

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