Epson ET-3850 Scans Perfectly From ScanSmart, But Not From Printer

Jan 1, 2023
Hello, I've been having an issue where my PC no longer shows up on the printer's scan menu. It was working perfectly a while ago, and technically it still does. If I place documents in the scanner and start the scan using ScanSmart on my PC, it works perfectly. However, despite the printer saying the network is connected and no issues are present, my PC no longer shows up on the menu on the printer itself, meaning I can only scan by going back to my PC and clicking "Scan" on ScanSmart. My printer and PC aren't in the same room, making it an inconvenience to constantly get up to place documents in the printer, then come back just to click a button on the PC when I used to be able to send the scan from the printer itself.

I have tried updating everything I could think of, and even reset all settings on the printer. It instantly reconnects since I'm using Ethernet and works again in the same way, but still my PC does not show up as an option in the network scan menu.

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