Epson ET-4850 has more capability than it reports, and that is a problem.

Feb 16, 2022
I have been using PhotoShop Elements (hereafter referred to as PSE) to scan on my twain compliant HP printer scanner. PSE apparently queries the scanner for its max resolution. The HP reports 1200dpi, so PSE allows me to scan in at up to 1200dpi.

The new Epson ET-4850 that I just bought has a maximum scanner optical resolution of 2400dpi, and interpolated resolution of 9600dpi. However, the Epson reports to PSE that its maximum resolution is 300dpi, so that is as high as PSE will allow me to scan. I am scanning small photographs and enlarging them, so I need to scan at 600dpi to 1200dpi. I am having to do this in two steps. First I have to use Epson's ScanSmart software to scan in the images and save them to the hard drive. Then, I can use PSE to load the images.

It would be much simpler if the printer/scanner would just report to PSE that its maximum resolution was 1200dpi, like the HP did.

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