Epson R3000 problem

Aug 13, 2016
I am very happy with this printer. Around 12000 printings in 2 years and half.
Some small problems like not recognizing genuine epson cartridges.

Now after 10 days vacations i wanted to print. But the printing is stopping after a while.
I saw that in the page of printers (windows) I had a new icon of Epson 3000 (copy 1).
Neither using this icon, the printer is working and on the little window of the printer appears in blue -- ! DATA

I have removed and re installed the printer, either with windows or with the original epson software.

and finally I have the same message of ''data'' and as you can see in the attached. it says it is cleaning the printheads and wait... but now for around 20 minutes.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. After 10 days vacations, I should print a lot of orders in order to ship on Tuesday 16, (because august 15 is festivity here).

I was even decided to buy the epson surecolor p600 in Amazon but is out of stock and next model is a little bit too expensive.

Thank you

epson problem.jpg

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