Epson WF-7820 setup questions

Mar 3, 2023
Hello everyone. I’m new here and haven’t had an Epson for years.
Just had my Epson WF-7820 delivered today. Before beginning setup for my Mac and other devices, just a couple of questions.
I thought I remember reading somewhere online of others having a few snags from following just the setup directions. Is there additional suggestions apart from the included setup instructions? I plan on using it solely through wifi but also am close to the modem and could connect via the Ethernet if that would be a benefit. Is that recommended?
I found it strange that they’re still including install CDs. It’s also strictly for Windows users. I’ve already downloaded the Epson utilities, and there are quite a few! Is it recommended to install all of them? (I included a pic of all the software available...some may be packaged in the Combo?) I remember years ago, the recommended install process was to first connect the printer to computer with USB and then install the drivers. Not anymore, I guess.
As far as the measly starter set of ink cartridges, how many prints should one expect from them? Not sure why they don’t include full cartridges. Seems silly to me.
Epson Software-1.jpg

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