Epson xp-610 printer error 0x9a

Jun 19, 2013
I have an xp-610 printer. It is giving me an error0x9a. This printer is basically dead. I get the error and nothing else. I have followed a number of things suggested to fix it which, basically, existed of removing power, pressing power for 60 seconds, turn on power whilst still pressing and continuing to press for 60 seconds. There was also a suggesting to reboot the computer to a previous time (I am using ubuntu and could do this but I doubt it would help).

I just cleaned the printhead for this printer (it was a real mess - used a sonic cleaner). I then attached a usb cable from the computer to the printer. I then reinstalled the printhead, put in the ink cartridges, turned it on. I had previously downloaded, and installed drivers. (escpr 1.7.3-1lsb3.2 driverless, cups-filters 1.20.2 and an epson utility) The printer was recognized and installed, including the driver (I tried them all). When I now turn on the printer the power button starts blinking, and the printer beeps 4 times, and the error appears. The carriage is easily moved by hand and I can move it all the way to the left, and turn it on, and it remains on the left. As far as I can tell this printer is stopped and acts as if it has blown a fuse (read about that too).

When I first turned it on, after re-installing the print head and installed the ink cartridges, and put a little paper into the printer the printer duly whirred and did things as printers do. I then tried to print a test sheet and it whirred some more. The problem is that it never did grab a piece of paper and it continued the whirring for some time. I finally turned it off. When I started it again the error started.

I was thinking the fuse might be the problem but, then, I also suspect I wouldn't get anything from the control screen (currently displays the error when turned on).

Any thoughts on this one are appreciated.

Thank you..................
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Nov 5, 2019
go to google and type wic printer utility. install that and turn the printer on and run it.
whatever errors the printer has it will tell you what it is.

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