Epson XP8700 error 000103

Apr 19, 2024
Please can anyone give me some advice. My printer was working fine last night, printed over 50 pages no issue. Turned it off and the tray didn’t automatically go in which was odd and stupidly I pushed it in, though whether this caused the issue or not I don’t know.
Now today I’ve gone to turn the printer on and it comes up with error 000103 it states to remove blockage, I have checked thoroughly and found no blockage. I have used an air duster to remove any dirt or small dust debris. Further research on Epson website says to wipe down the translucent strip, upon inspection I can’t see anything on the strip at all.
I have also unplugged, held the power button for 20 secs and still the same.
On start up there is a short whirring noise from the right side of the printer and also the scanner bar moves slightly but no other movement. I cannot access anything via the screen other than the how to remove blockage page.
I’m a bit lost on what to try next, any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

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