Help me choose a Canon printer

Dec 26, 2022

I am looking for a new printer with color ink, preferablly a MegaTank one (the one you can refill), with ADF (must have ADF).

Right now I have Canon Pixma G2415, it's a great printer, had no problems with it at all (except a small issue with air bubles forming in the ink tubes, but I fixed it), the problem is, it doesn't have ADF, which could be very usefull to me, as I have to do a lot of scanning.

So I am considering a new one, and I narrowed down the choice between Pixma G7000 and Maxify GX 7050. Maxify even has duplex ADF, wich is even better, but it's almost twice as expensive as Pixma. It also has a touch screen interface, now I don't care much about that, however it would be used in poor lighted room and it would be helpfull to have an illuminated screen, Pixma has dotted screen without illumination.

Now there is something else I need to know, Maxify uses all pigment ink, while Pixma uses black pigment and rest are dye (like my current printer), do I need to worry about clogs, pigment ink clogs much faster than dye?
I will be printing approx. 10-20 pages a month, and all are usually in the same day, and than the printer would be sitting there waiting most of the time (I know... a large investment for such a use case, but I need ADF, and these two are only ones available from canon in my Country, that have tanks for refilling)
Despite the situation my current printer never cloged not even the black pigment in two years that I have it, so it gives me hope that if I go for Maxify, I won't have such problems with it, but I am still worried, it costs 2 full sallaries for me, I don't want to be forced to replace the printheads after a few months.
Speaking of printheads, I can't find any information if they are even replaceable for Maxify, my current printer have printheads which can be easilly pulled out and cleaned manually, or put in a isoprophyl solution if they clog, and I think the Pixma G7000 has the same ability, but I am not sure if I can do that on Maxify, or are they screwed in or something?
(That is also a reason I didn't consider Epson - as it has a printhead that is fully integrated and can't be pulled out or replaced, at least not as simple as moving a lever and pulling it out), The maxify also has user-replaceable maintanance catridge, while Pixma has to be taken to repair for internal pads replacement, there is another reason for me to opt for Maxify.

Regarding clogs, I work in print shop - we do a lot of t-shirt printing and stuff, so we have a DTF printer, and a DTG printer, both are using pigment white, and it's a hell, it clogs up extremelly fast, every evening, I have to clean the capping stations, vipers and arround printheads, especially white, and put destillled watter into capping station before manually closing it, to prevent white from drying and clogging the print heads, it happened twice already within a year, forcing us to replace the printheads.
I just want to know if I will need to do the special treatment like that for Maxify printer as well?

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