Help Picking A Printer

Oct 9, 2010
Well, I have two different needs in a printer, one is more likely to be what I buy and I think the other is just a pipedream, but I'll see what you'll say:

MOST IMPORTANT - 1. Color, laser, refillable (I can do this I refill my laser B&W but I would prefer it as easy refill as possible) that can print high quality and handle at least 10,000 pages per month (which will actually all be printed within a day or two as I run my newsletters once a month). I would like to be able to print quality looking letterhead & envelopes myself to save money.

IF IT COULD ALSO ... 2. Print actual postcards, front and back, so I could design and mail merge a postcard to where I did not have to use printing labels (i.e. it takes a lot of time to peel and stick the printing labels) that would be amazing.. I'd imagine anything that can do this is going to cost several grand??

I saw a Konica Minolta 1600W for $100 on ... do you think that would fulfill my needs for #1?

What would be my best option for #2? Is there any cost effective printer out there that could do #1 & #2? It must be refillable, I cannot afford to buy new toner cartridges to run my newsletters or it would hamper how many I could send out..

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