Help picking suitable wireless deskjet

Mar 28, 2011
Morning all,

I've spent the best part of a week sifting through page after page of deskjets out in the market looking for a suitable wireless printer for a director in my office.

He's very hard to please and has requested that it needs to be wireless, quiet and small.

So with the above in mind i set out to find just that. My trouble is that everytime i think i've found a suitable option, i then read a dodgy review of it where one of the above fails to meet his requirements.

So as a last resort i thought i'd sign up to here for some experts advice on what to buy as i'm sure there are other people who have had the same requirements in the past that can pass down there secret to deskjet heaven ?

btw, money is not really an issue if it means meeting his requests and gives me an easier life.


Oct 19, 2010
Hi Etty,
Unfotunately for everyone that loves a product, there'll be someone out there who equally hates it! Human nature and all...
As you director sounds a particularly difficult customer, I'm therefore hesitant to recommend a specific printer, but there are some good comparison sites out there, they may help you draw up a shortlist that your director can choose from??

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