HL-6050D laser printer doesn't get toner hot enough, help.

Oct 3, 2015
Since the day I bought this Brother HL-6050D I have had a very hard time getting toner to really attach to paper, especially to envelopes.

My old worn out Brother did a great job so I know it is possible. I can't recall what model it was but I wish I still had it.

Is there a way to increase the fuser temperature? Can I manage to hack the firmware? Is there an easier way that I'm not aware of?

I've tried all paper type settings as well as all kinds of paper. It just doesn't seem to have the heat it needs.

Please don't ask me to spend $$$ on a new fuser unless there is a way to spend only $ to fix it.

I'm even thinking of seeing if I can find a higher wattage heating bulb/element to install in it.


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