Please Suggest My New Laser.

Oct 6, 2020
For about 18 years, I was the proud owner of a Samsung ML-1710 laser. It did everything; business cards on fairly-heavy card stock, book-sized reams of paper, and it never jammed, it just printed, and had Linux drivers iin the box 20 years ago. So, after it finally gave up the ghost (not owing me a thing at that point), I replaced it with a Samsung M2020, which has been nothing but an irritation since I got it. The clincher was that it refused to feed card stock. So, I'm looking for a new laser printer, that:

A. Is reliable and long-lived,
B. Will accept 231 g/m2 card stock.
C. Can be coaxed into playing well with Linux.

C isn't nearly as great a challenge as it used to be, so I'm not that worried about it, I just wanted to mention it.
Oct 20, 2020
I run an ad agency, & it required me to print portfolio for the clients presentation literally every day. I was almost out of printer cartage on daily basis. I was looking for a reliable printer which can help me from an embracement in front of the client. Finally i stumble upon Best View Review site To compare printer on many parameter. I hope this will solve your printer problem .

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