How to install a Canon printer driver in Windows 10 from

Feb 18, 2022
You can learn how to connect a Canon Wireless Printer to a computer from , Follow the instructions below:

  1. Switch On Printer
    • Firstly, switch on your printer.
    • Then, on the screen of the printer.

  2. Dashboard
    • Now, go to the dashboard.
    • Then, press the settings Option.

  3. Wireless LAN Configure
    • Now, look at the wireless LAN option.
    • Then, hit Ok.
    • Now, pause the screening process.
    • Then, Use the scroll down.
    • When you see the setup option on the monitor.
    • Then, hit Ok.

  4. Cableless Setup
    • Now find the cableless structure.
    • Then, hit ok.
    • Now on your panel, you will get the instructions.

  5. Activate Canon Driver
    • Then, on either side, turn on the windows.
    • Now, activate Canon Drivers.

  6. Add device
    • Then, select add device options.
    • Now, the driver will search the nearest device network.
    • Now, choose the Canon Device printer name and Add it.
    • The wireless Printer is now connected.
You can also connect Canon printer to any computer via USB ( Also Mac with USB) and wifi from ij.start.cannon

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