HP D1520 Prints Test Page but no documents

Sep 1, 2011
Hi: All of a sudden, or HPD1520 stopped printing. When you print a document (from word) the printer goes thru all the motions of printing ie: you can hear the cartridges moving and the paper feeds in and out just fine, but the page is completely blank. We checked the ink level and we have over a half full on both color and BW, have cleaned heads and done allignment test. It will print a test page and the ink works just fine and it prints a perfecct test page. The cables are plugged in and we have tried "turning it off and on" several times. It does the same thing from two different computers so not the computer itself. Went to HP website and ran their "diagnostic" tool, and it came back as all systems are working fine! What is going on? Thanks


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