HP has valid page in browser, valid IP, but wired report says no cable? and ....

Jan 19, 2010
and it gets right to the end of the install after everything else checks out and says fatal error. This is with a new download from HP. Cables and devices have been turn off, waited, plugged back in ... nothing seems to work. Maybe something has for you.

How can the printer have a valid page in a browser, and assigned IP address and everything looks good and yet say the Ethernet cable is unplugged? I can't get this to install.

This all is in relation to installing Solution Center of course. The C7280 mechanically has been a workhorse and still prints as well as you please. But it has always from day one been a bear to install. I bought it new. I have tried downloading the newest drivers multiple times on at least 4-5 pc's and they all have trouble installing. So just today I decided I'd had enough with wireless. It has stopped working again. So I hooked it up with an Ethernet cable to the router and would you know it's done the same thing it's done always. It gets all the way through the install and right to the end and just sits there. And then this just happened with the fatal error. What in the world after all this waiting until the end. It's enough to make you bite your finger nails to the knub. Why has this always done this over the years with multiple pc's, OS and now again when I finally said I'll go wired? If you could help me I'd bow down to you. It's so maddening. If I have to buy another of course I'll think 2x before I buy HP. I have always been an HP person. I still have an HP PDA that works, I'm on a Pavilion and several other devices have been HP. Thanks more than can be told if you can help me past this persistent problem over the years! ":-\\


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