HP Z6100ps will not recognise new Maintenance Cart

Jul 10, 2017
Hi all,
I am having trouble with the HP. It will not recognise a new Maintenance cart. I have recently had a new encoder strip fitted after the printer refusing to print at all and the carriage stopping halfway along the shaft, the printer worked ok for a while so feel this is a separate issue. Using our last Maintenance Cart use to often request for reseating or a replacement. When we put in a MC it used to tell us that it wasn't new and did we want to proceed? We would simply agree to continue. This option is no longer made available... so I bought another new Cart, still no recognition, and unfortunately no option to continue as a used one. These are original HP parts, so there was no chance of third party refusal. I have cleaned the encoder strip and the little sensor on the bottom of the carriage, but still no joy.
Am I right in thinking that the HD maybe a problem? or should I be looking elsewhere? I am sure I have read somewhere that this issue had been resolved buy replacing the HD. I see eBay sell them for about £60, was thinking of trying this, but do not want to waste money unnecessarily. Has anyone on here had similar experiences. We have updated the firmware on the installed HD, the boot up procedure etc. all seems to work as normal, but the Maintenance Cart is refusing to be installed correctly. A bit frustrated...
Dec 7, 2016
Updated firmware precluded use of MC.
Unfortunately, not possible to return to original firmware.

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