I cannot install 3880 firmware. No option in Remote Panel for the 3880!

Jul 14, 2014
I had and loved an Espon 3800 printer for 7 years until it died the other day and I purchased a 3880 to replace it. I must say I have had nothing but trouble ever since!
Can someone please help me out here? I downloaded the latest firmware because I do not like the printer turning itself off after several hours. I would rather reconfigure it to stay on and I know I can do that with the updated firmware. Problem is, I must also download the LFP Remote Panel software (which I did) but there is absolutely no option for a 3880 (or any 3000 series printer) in its list whatsoever. I downloaded it from the 3880 page on the Epson site, uninstalled it and downloaded it again, and STILL, no option for the 3880. I do see the 4880 and about 40 other printers but no 3880.
How on earth do I upgrade the firmware on this printer?
Sep 26, 2014

Usually, the firmware is not a problem unless you find, as you did, that it is doing something not wanted. Caution: If you ever want to install a CISS unit, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE! EPSON HAS ADDED A NEW SECTION THAT STOPs THE PRINTER FROM ACCEPTING ANY CARTRIDGES BUT THEIRS!. This information is in the caution list of other forums I visit.
These units save quite a lot of money compared to regular cartridges.

Good luck in any situation.

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