Install OKI printers using INF files in Windows 10 S

Jun 15, 2017
I have created an INF file to install my OKI print drivers on a client machine. I am using InstallShield custom actions (Install script) to install/uninstall my printers by using INF files in a command line ( Printers and desktop app installations are working fine via MSI setup on Windows machines.

I want to install the same desktop application ( including my printers ) in Windows 10 S machine now. So I have generated a UWP app package build (.appx) using InstallShield 2016 and tested the UWP package(.appx) directly in Windows 10 (home edition) machine using sideload apps option and my desktop app installed properly in (C:\Program Files\WindowApp\) directory but printers are not installed. Because UWP app does not allow to use custom actions while installing the app from Windows Store.

Windows 10 S does not run command-line applications, nor the Windows Console, Cmd / PowerShell, or Linux/Bash/WSL instances - Looks like Windows 10 S does not support command line installation/tools due to security reasons.

I have created a Windows 10 S testing environment by applying Device Guard Code Integrity policy ( and installed my printers using bat files which contain commands to install printers using INF and there are no policy errors found in event logs. Is it the right approach to testing the printers in Windows 10 S environment? Can I take it as a positive result and confirm that the installation of the printer will work in Windows 10 S without any issues?

If this is a wrong approach, how can I install my printers using INF files in Windows 10 S? Are there any alternate approaches available to install the printers from INF files in Windows 10 S?

How can I install my printers in Windows 10 S machine? Please help me to install my printers in Windows 10 S machine.


Dec 7, 2016
Connect to Internet
Plug-in printer to USB port
Navigate: Control Panel -> Devices & Printers - > Click Add Printer
Select your printer
Be sure Windows Updates Turned On
If Oki Printers are modern, Windows will find and install appropriate driver for Windows 10.

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