Issues with Brother mfc l3770cdw reinstalling drivers and software.

Mar 6, 2023
My wife was having trouble with the printer, so I used the Brother driver uninstall tool to uninstall the driver, then I installed the most current "Full Driver & Software Package". Everything looked good, it created a cute little icon in the tray I could click on to check printer status. But I noticed I now had 2 Brother 3770... printers in "printers and scanners" the 2nd one with a (1) after it. That bothered me, and I knew it would confuse my wife. So I deleted one of them, then the sys tray icon turned red and didn't function as it had been. So I started over, uninstalled the drivers, and reinstalled them again. But this time I got no systray icon, and in "iPrint&scan" it say "install the driver" under print... I found no way to "install the driver" other than installing the Full Driver & Software Package I had already installed, twice. So I tried it 1 more time, still same issues. The printer does work, but it triggers my OCD that the systray icon didn't show up after the 1st reinstall, and errors bug me, even if they don't hurt anything.

Any thoughts?
Feb 9, 2022
Uninstall Current Drivers and Software:
Disconnect the Printer:
Disconnect the Brother printer from your computer.
Uninstall Drivers:
Open "Control Panel" on Windows or "System Preferences" on macOS.
Navigate to "Programs" (Windows) or "Applications" (macOS).
Locate and uninstall the Brother printer software.
Remove Printer:
On Windows, go to "Devices and Printers," right-click on your Brother printer, and select "Remove Device."
On macOS, go to "System Preferences" > "Printers & Scanners," select the Brother printer, and click the minus ("-") button.

Download Latest Drivers and Software:
Visit Brother's Support Website:
Go to the Brother Support website.
Search for Your Printer Model:
Enter your printer model (MFC-L3770CDW) and select it from the search results.
Select Your Operating System:
Choose your operating system (Windows or macOS) and version.
Download Full Driver & Software Package:
Download the full driver and software package. This package usually includes the necessary drivers, utilities, and firmware updates.

Install New Drivers and Software:
Run the Installer:
Locate the downloaded file and run the installer.
Follow On-Screen Instructions:
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Brother printer drivers and software.
During the installation, you may be prompted to connect the printer. If so, reconnect the printer to your computer.
Configure Connection:
Choose your preferred connection type (USB, network, etc.) during the installation process.
Complete Installation:
Complete the installation and check for any additional prompts or instructions.

Test the Printer:
Print a Test Page:
After the installation is complete, print a test page to ensure that the printer is working correctly.

Sep 22, 2023
Download the latest "Full Driver & Software Package" from the official Brother website.
Install it and make sure the installation completes without any errors.

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