Konica Minolta C3350 Margins

Jul 16, 2018
We have a Konica Minolta C3350 Margins at our office and are experiencing problems with the way it prints. It has been printing Word docs, Excel sheets, PDFs, etc. with incorrect margins. It will print with the top image/text being too close to the top of the paper, or with the bottom image/text being too far away. Also, on double-sided prints, one sides image/text will be closer to the top than the opposite side. We cannot locate any way in the printer's settings that can change this.

Also, we know that it is not a problem with the computer because we have printed from multiple different computers to that printer and always experienced the same problem. We have also printed to other printers and it has worked fine.

So, please let me know of any solutions to this problem that we can try. Thanks!

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