Kyocera FS-4020DN KX - Envelope Feeding Issue

Jan 26, 2015
This is my first post on this forum, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules I don't know about!

As per the title, my Kyocera FS-4020DN printer is having some trouble printing envelopes. Whenever I send the print job, the envelope feeder crumples up the envelope and therefore jams the printer. I have tried cleaning the envelope feeder with some 99% isopropyl alcohol and I tried blowing out any dust with a can of compressed air.

I would appreciate any and all help! Thank you!


Feb 5, 2018
so you have an actual envelope feeder installed? or are you feeding through what is known as the bypass? best way to tell is did you purchase an envelope feeder? kyocera has issues feeding envelopes through the bypass on printers. have seen it many times.

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