Magenta ink gone in 20 minutes, no color print!

Dec 23, 2020
My color ink evaporated... so today I bought 3 new cartridges and installed. Tried to print and was only printing in greyscale.
I found on a forum to clean print cartridge's. So I did. The test print did black and most of the blue. No magenta or Cyan.
So, I cleaned again, test again...This time all but one blue dot and 5 magenta dots, still no cyan. So I clean again... this test gets all the black and blue and all but one magenta, still no cyan. So I clean AGAIN and go to test and MAGENTA INK IS EMPTY!!!! Now it won't do anything because the damn magenta brand new, 20 minute old ink cartridge is EMPTY!

Is it time for a new printer?

This one is a: MFCJ870DW

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