MX-350 won't connect to a new computer.

May 5, 2016
We have a new windows 10 pro connected to Windows Server 8. IThe printer to the server without any problems. I was then able to install the printer on a Windows 10 Pro machine and printed it okay. But when I went to the new machine, I was able to go to the settings and and then I went to the printer/Bluetooth… Option. The MX'-M350N showed up under add printers and I chose it to be installed. It did came up with a message saying that i tcould not find the driver and that I should either put in the CD or downloaded from the Internet--- I downloaded from the Internet and ran the setup. But when I tried to install it I get the same message plus I get a message saying that the printer could not connect. I've searched the Internet for a solution but could not find any. I am desperate at this point. Thank you
Dec 7, 2016
Printer must not be connected when installing driver. Disconnect computer from server and disconnect printer.

Install driver. If downloaded driver fails,Try CD install. Reconnect Printer. Printer should now show
Devices -> Printers -> Right Click Printer Icon -> Select Make Default
Printer Icon Now Has Green Check Mark

Let us know
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