My computer won't talk to my printer

Jan 6, 2016
I have three computers in a network and all three can print remotely to my Brother MFC-255CW. Well they did until a couple of days ago. All are wireless connected directly to the printer, (so don't rely on one of the others being on in order to connect through it).

My main computer is the one playing up, the other two having no problems. It is an HP all-in-one Pavilion. The OS is Windows 10. I've checked to see if the driver is up to date and that the printer is working, and both are, according to my computer's diagnosis, OK

I've tried everything I can think of, but to no avail. Reinstalling from the disk that came with it is futile as it is the original disk and there is mention in the quick guide booklet that, if I have Windows 7 (or later I assume), I need to use the disk for Win7. I now don't recall how I got it working on this computer in the first place, as the original installation was onto the XP that is now retired to offline work apart from the local network connection. I think a techie I got in when setting up the Win10 machine may have done it.

Currently the only way I can print from the HP is to copy/past into one of the other two machines and then get them to do the printing. I'd love to get a little help please.

Thanks, Bill in Oz.

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