Networking the WorkForce 520

Sep 28, 2011
I have an HP Pavilion desktop and an Acer laptop that I want to network with a WorkForce 520. The HP isn't wireless. It is connected to the printer via USB. It's connected to a Cox cable modem, too. The modem is connected to a Lynksis router and that is how the laptop gets out to the internet.

Both computers can print directly to the 520 through a USB connection, but the laptop has never been configured to print wirelessly. I want to print from the HP by USB and the Acer wirelessly.

The Epson help center told me that they don't support this kind of setup but that it should be possible, although their official position is that you can't print to the 520 using both methods. They say I have to choose one or the other. What do you think? Can it be done? Would I need to connect the printer directly to the router with an ethernet cable? Or would the wireless signal go to the router and through the HP computer to the printer? I'm flying blind on this so any insight you can offer would be helpful.

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