Bizhub 250 - networking issues

Jan 5, 2017
Hey everyone, hoping I can find some guidance here for my issue.

I have a Bizhub 250 printer, trying to connect to a new network. Previous network is a gateway, new network gateway is
Connection is made with cat5 from printer to the wireless modem but there is no sign of the printer showing up at all. I have even tried to ping the broadcast and arp -a to see if it shows up in the ARP cache, nothing.

My theory is that it has to do with printer being set to DHCP for the IP. After plugging into the router it shows the IP address as and gateway When I try to manually set these to a 10.1.10 IP and the correct gateway it asks me to power off and on to save the settings. I power off and on, the same network config screen shows with my new 10.1.10 addresses but it wont let me back out of that screen, I continue to receive "power off and on to save" each time I try to exit, the only way to break the loop is to hit cancel or the yellow clear which immediately reverts to DHCP Ip settings looking for a gateway that does not exist.

Any ideas on how to get this thing up and running on the new network?
Jan 12, 2017
Try a network reset in service mode. If its the same as the C220 i have then its in SYSTEM 1 - Initialization. Good luck

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