BizHub C280 - Problem with downloading logs.

Jul 23, 2020
When I try to download logs from my BizHub C280 machine using KONICA MINOLTA Data Administrator V4 Log Management Utility, I get the message "The log format is not correct. (9205)". I don't know what is the reason for the inability to download the data. I have four C280 machines and one C250i. The same configuration everywhere, but I can't download them from the two C280 machines.
Probably the cause of one thing is disk replacement - the only difference I could figure out.

I checked, among others
- configurations,
- ROM versions,
- Certificates,
- disk capacity.

and at the suggestion of a service technician, I turned on the following option, reset the device and turned it on again.

[Security Settings]> [Security Details]> [Job Log Settings] is set to [No] in the [Administrator Settings] on the Control Panel

Does anyone have an idea how I can download logs from these two devices?

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