bizhub c300 control display and page margin issue

Oct 4, 2016
Hello guys,
I've got a big issue from a couple of days. My control display lits but shows only blank(black) screen. The problem is that sometimes on startup it starts to work but that is for some seconds or minutes and then is again blank. I guess the display is not completely gone, but how to be fixed? Is there some Reset Function for it but without resetting the Machine's Settings? The other big ussue I can't resolve is that the machine prints always with borders. Before the Control Display problem i was in Page margin setup but there are no + and - so I can change it. None function shows in black as the Auto(I can change to Top, Bottom, Right or Left). I think OK also doesn't work. Is it a calibration problem and how to be done?Many thanks in advance if some of you can help me as I turned over Google before posting here but there is no answer.

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