New Canon MG5250 Networking Issues

Feb 14, 2011
G'day all from Australia,

As I just started uni I thought I'd lash out and buy a new Canon MG5250.

Only problem is that each time I select a document / image / webpage to print it drops this laptops WiFi network connection.

I'm using a DLINK router (with no previous problems).
Im running an Alienware M17x R2 laptop with Win 7 (64bit)

After selecting the print option (from any program) the printer fires up and begins printing, If it's <5 lines of text it gets through the print job no worries. Any more than that (approx 10% of a full A4 page image) the wireless network drops from the laptop and the print job ceases. I am unable to reconnect to my home WiFi for a minute or so, then everything is as it was before!

Oh and scanning works perfectly well.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I'm assuming its a PC settings problem.

Thanks heaps for taking the time to read it :)

Mar 23, 2011
Hi Josh,

Just wondering if you've had any luck with this issue - I used my MG5250 printer for the first time last night and had this same problem. Very frustrating, not sure how to resolve.

Mic, fellow Aussie

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