New Pro915 always asking toalign print on startup?

May 2, 2012
New Pro915 always asking to align print on startup? SOLVED

New print. Everything seems to be working just fine: works wirelessly with my home network, print quality is great and well aligned. However, when starting the computer, before I can get to the home screen, I am first prompted about having paper in the tray (there always is paper in the tray) and if I select "continue," the next prompt starts paper alignment. After the 5th time of selecting continue and then unnecessarily having the printer do an alignment, I stopped selecting "continue" and started selecting "not now." I have to go through this every time on printer start up. I think this is unnecessary and would like to have it stop. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Went on line with Lexmark and they interacted with the printer. Couldn't fix it and will send me a new print head. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Hope this isn't like a car not starting and the first thing the mechanic does is to replace the starter...

EDIT 2: Replaced the print head and now the problem has been fixed...Go Lexmark.
Interestingly, after the head was installed I ran print alignment, and the outcome was different with the problem head, although I didn't recognize it. With the problem head, although the boxes looked lined up, there was only black and yellow boxes showing. With the new head, ALL colors were showing in the alignment print out.
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