Please help me set up my FS-C5100DN

Jul 21, 2022
Hi, so I purchased a second hand Ecosys FS-C5100DN from Marketplace, and now I’ve got it home and trying to set it up I’m discovering it’s quite old.

It doesn’t seem to be a plug and play type machine, and I’m struggling a bit to set it up and get it to communicate with my computer, so I’m hoping to save some time by asking for help here.

1. Does anybody know if this machine needs both the USB connection AND the Ethernet connected?
2. Will it run on the latest Mac OS? Monterey? The driver sites just specify 10.8+
3. On a win10 machine I installed all 4 drivers which when printing via USB connection (only) give a generic error message when trying to print on all 4. Can anyone please tell me if I should be using the XPS or PCL6 drivers? The ones I installed are labeled “Kyocera CS 205c v4”, and “KX v4 Driver for universal printer”.

thanks for any help!

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