Please help with my Samsung CLX-3175FN

Mar 31, 2017

I got this printer for free (used) a couple of moths ago. Samsung CLX-3175FN

Since day one it has produced ghost prints and it has put horizontal smear on prints with some regularity (one page length).

It's difficult to properly diagnose what part is faulty so I have replaced some stuff hoping my repairs will fix the problem, but I have not had any luck yet.

I've replaced:
The transfer belt.
The OPC drum (imaging unit)

From the report page:
Fuser: 22610 pages
Imaging unit: 334 pics

I've uploaded jpgs with prints from today. The toner is properly stuck on the paper and won't smear when I run my finger across.

The interval of the ghosting is most apparent on the two last pages.

Any ideas? The cartridge?

Big thanks in advance.


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