Printer Failure HP Officejet 6700 Premium

Apr 13, 2019
I have two of these printers, one in a detached workshop that doesn't get much usage. I noticed it was printing everything in a greenish brown color, no longer reds or yellows or any color as it was suppose to print. I tried all the cleaning options in the menu but no improvement. I decided to try to clean the print head myself based on some Youtube videos and ordered a cleaning kit from an online vendor. After performing the cleaning, I now get "Printer Failure: There is a problem with the printer or ink system. Turn printer off, then on. If problem persists, contact HP." I've tried that several times and changed out cartridges too, but no luck. I can't use the Menu because the keypad is unresponsive and will not allow anything other than showing the error message. I've tried disconnecting power and restoring power, and no help there either.

Is there a way to clear this error message when the keypad is unresponsive?

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