Epson printers WF -7715 and WF-7620 failures

Sep 20, 2018
I recently had a WF-7620 which died oddly with producing blank pages and then an error that reported it should be restarted and then would not turn back on. I recently got a replacement WF-7715 and this has now started producing paper that was from a scanned certificate of posting in reverse with red lines across it after only 2 months since its purchase . Now the store told me that as both these printers have WiFi anyone can sit in a car outside my house and sent a faulty bios update which will break the printer .

I would like to know if Epsom are aware of this and what they can do to stop it as I am getting through printers to fast but luckily have a warranty this time. Can someone tell me if Epson are aware of this and if they can look into my printer which was returned to them under 2884005201809190070058 in September for an exchange and provide some advice on how to stop this continual problem

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