Printer head problems Epson Artisan 835

Dec 16, 2012
I have had now my third Epson ink jet printer. I now have a Artisan 837 and only had it for a very short while. So far it is working correctly.

My problem is with my Artisan 835. It will now only print in black and yellow. The other 4 colors do not show up on a nozzle check. I have tried cleaning heads with the computer program and also trying to unstop the nozzles with a cleaning solution. Nothing has helped.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I previously had a Stylus Photor RX 595 which had the same problem.

I just hope my new Artisan 837 does not do that.

I am using Epson ink so that should not be the problem.

Oct 29, 2012
Was the cartridge installed in your printer during this "in a while" inactivity? If so, ink may have dried in the heads and so no more ink will come out. Try cleaning your cartridge heads with water carefully.

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