Printer insists in printing draft when asked to print HQ

Mar 17, 2021
My printer is an epson l3150 on a windows 10 PC.

Im posting here bc i couldn't find anybody with an even similar problem than mine. I aquired this printer brand new about 2 years ago and it was working fine unil last month. What happens now is that i ask the printer to print an image in maximum quality but the end result is the same as a draft. Sometimes when changing the usb port and restarting the printer i can get the printer to print again in HQ with a flawless result, but after two or three prints it goes back to draft again and i wasted another photo paper. I make sure to verify several times the printing configurtion is on high but no avail.
I already reinstalled, upgraded, did head cleaning, tried several different printing software (including from epson itself) and even installed on my W10 notebook but the result is the same.
I would gladly apreciate any suggestions, this printer was quite expensive for me so wouldnt want to throw it away like i did with my HP one.

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