Printer recommendations?

Jul 15, 2020
Hi, A friend of mine has an Epson XP 435w ink jet printer, when it ran out of inks we replaced with compatible's but after a while the print quality was poor, mainly missing most of the characters, tried cleaning both via the menu and with a head cleaning kit, not a lot better, so thought we would try Epson Originals, again very good head clean with a kit and it was really good, a few weeks later poor print quality, so we are looking to replace the printer. Are all ink jets the same? I guess part of the problems is that it isn't used a lot. Maybe a laser, but don't want to spend too much, might get away with a Mono Laser, but I think colour ones are quite expensive, do lasers clog up? Does anything happen to the toner if the printer isn't used? Are Non genuine toner cartridges OK?

Many Thanks,

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