Printing issues, is it the drivers

Jun 13, 2021
The question relates to 3 different printers:

1 HL 3170CDW
2 HL3180CDW
3 DCP 2550DW (This number may not ber exactly right.)

In general, the printers were all printing fine, but all have/had quit working.

All 3 were driven by the generic driver that is installed by MS when you click the "Add a Printer" button in W10 settings.

4 computers are involved, 3 W10 Pro, 1 W10 Home.

For printer #1, downloading and installing the correct printer software package solved the problem.

For printers 2 & 3, it did not work.

Printers 2 & 3 are set up for wireless, following the instructions during installation.

Printers 2 & 3 do not belong to me, so easy access isn't physically possible.

2 questions to start:

1 When looking at the screens on the printer, what is the easiest way to know the printer is online. I'm going to see if there's manuals in PDF format.
2 What is the easiest way to chedk for updates for the printers? During the install, I got messages of the printer being offline, and Couldn't connect to the Brother serer.

If you have any questions, please ask. I'll do the best I can to answer, with the understanding there may be a time lage for getting info for printers 2 & 3.


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